Why having a live wedding artist will make your wedding unique.

Congratulations on your engagement!

Planning a wedding is a long hard task. Planning a wedding that matches your personality and style is key.

From the Celebrant, the photographer, the venue, the food, the florist, the cake. All of these may seem like wedding “must haves”. But what makes your wedding special to you?

Live wedding painting is one of the most unique forms of wedding entertainment available today. 

Having a live artist at your event is a great way to entertain your guests. It is an opportunity to create a timeless heirloom of your wedding day that celebrates your love and joy in an authentic way.

If you’ve never heard of a live artist, don’t worry! most people haven’t. I get all sorts of facial expressions when i tell people what i do for a living. Guests at weddings are bemused. They keep coming back to check on the progress in between champagne and canapes and wedding speeches.Photos by Lesala photography 

A live painter may be booked to attend your wedding day and paint a favourite key scene from your day. What you are left with is a beautiful painting that captures the essence of the moment. Also, your guests can watch it be created throughout the event.

I have painted for many weddings in the past 3 years and the feedback I receive is that the most talked about ‘ ‘thing’ from the big day was that the guests enjoyed watching the artist create a painting.

Most wedding suppliers either serve for the one day, or they help create memories from the day. 

A wedding artist falls into these 2 categories creating a painting to be displayed for years to come.

What about illustrators?

A wedding illustrator is still a wedding artist. Their style being more illustrative on paper rather than producing a canvas painting.

I have attended weddings with all sorts of fun entertainment for the guests. Photobooths, lawn games, even a magician and a casino set up. 

A wedding illustrator however can provide your guests with quick illustrated sketch of themselves as a memory to keep and frame. I often receive pictures post wedding from guests thanking me for their portrait. It is now proudly displayed above their telly.

How do I find a live artist?

There are a few live artists in the UK. Each with their own unique style and artistic voice. These can generally be found on an internet search or social media. Also from recommendations from other weddings.

Live wedding painting can fit into any wedding seamlessly. You might book a classic oil painter for your classic wedding . Perhaps a timeless style for your more modern wedding. You might enjoy an artists more animated style.

Also to be considered is having a box of hand drawn illustrations created. These illustrations of key moments from your day can be gifted off to family and friends as a keepsake from the wedding. 

Art is timeless and will never feel dated. There are so many possibilities.

The artist you decide on will be able to share their portfolio of work. You can have a consultation beforehand to discuss what you would like from their services on your day. Essentially you will have the painting to keep forever so do ensure you have good communication and you are happy with your artist’s style.

From the Celebrant, the photographer, the venue, the food, the florist, the cake, its the details that make planning so much fun! Enjoy your day when it comes and do go find a wedding artist! You wont regret it!

To enquire about having me as your wedding artist, please visit me at http://www.paintmylovestory.com

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