Alaynia & Alex, Gretna Green Live Wedding Painting

This weekend I found myself at Gretna Green to paint for Alaynia and Alex from Yorkshire.

Young couples have been fleeing to Gretna since 1754 when it was illegal in England and Wales to marry without parental consent until you were 21 years old.

Of course, in 1754 this is quite old to marry and young lovers rebelled against their parents to wed their sweetheart across the border, the Scotland.

Gretna Green today remains a daily hub of marriages. One every half an hour actually. And there are multiple venues to choose from.

The couples are married traditionally by the blacksmith in the blacksmith’s smiddy. You can visit the smiddy as part of the museum tour. I ventured in and you can immediately sense an atmosphere. Perhaps it’s the emotions of all the lovers who have passed through it’s doors. Maybe it’s just the building but it really is quite an interesting place.

When the couples are wed, the blacksmith brings his hammer down on the anvil to symbolise their souls being joined in Heaven. A tradition that remains today.

Alaynia and Alex were married up at the coach house. This is a beautiful functional venue which can host a larger wedding .

The reception was held at the Smyth’s Hotel. Again, there were multiple parties going on in the background. Everyday is wedding day at Gretna,

I enjoyed painting a scene of Alaynia & Alex standing over the anvil.

I completed the painting during the reception at the Smyths Hotel.

It was a lovely adventure and wishing a lifetime of happiness to Alaynia & Alex.

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