How much does a wedding artist cost in UK?

Congratulations on your engagement!

What an exciting time to get married! Covid restrictions seem a thing of the past, the wedding world is filled with talent and unique suppliers to chose from.

Planning a wedding is a long hard task. Planning a wedding that matches your personality and style is key!

From the Celebrant, the photographer, the venue, the food, the florist, the cake. All of these may seem like wedding “must haves”. But what makes your wedding special to you?

So you’ve decided to book a wedding artist.

Yes! Art is a luxury item and provides something special to your day. There really is no better way to bring ‘something extra’.

You may have seen this online. Live wedding painting is one of the most unique forms of wedding entertainment available today. Although it still remains a niche in the UK.

Having a live artist at your event is a great way to entertain your guests. It is an opportunity to create a timeless heirloom of your wedding day that celebrates your love and joy in an authentic way.

How do I chose an artist for live wedding artist in the UK?

There are a few live wedding artists in the UK. Each with their own unique style and artistic voice. These can generally be found on an internet search or social media. Also from recommendations from weddings venues and wedding suppliers. You might meet them at fairs. Your wedding planner may work with a recommended artist.

Live wedding painting can fit into any wedding seamlessly. You might book a classic oil painter for your classic wedding . Perhaps a timeless style for your more modern wedding. You might enjoy an artist’s more animated style.

As I mention before, wedding artists each have their own way of painting or niche. The artist you decide on will be able to share their portfolio of work. You can have a consultation beforehand to discuss what you would like from their services on your day.

Essentially you will have the painting to keep forever so do ensure you have good communication and you are happy with your artist’s painting style.

How much is the cost of a wedding artist in the UK?

This answer is very variable and dependent on the Artist you chose and their service they are offering. Wedding painting can range anything from £500 to £5000.

Below are some key aspects to consider when booking a live wedding painter. Hopefully this will give you a better understanding when deciding on a live wedding painter that fits your wedding.

Things to consider:

  • The artist’s experience, portfolio and style of painting 
  • Medium of painting used. Oils are more expensive than acrylic and watercolour painting is highly skilled .
  • Size of proposed painting
  • The finish of the painting. Framed or unframed.
  • Artist’s proposed time in residence at venue
  • Post-event studio time for touch up and finishing 
  • Number of subjects to be painted in the scene
  • Artist’s travel time and expenses. Possible overnight stay.

Below I have broken down some example pricing to expect from a wedding artist quote.

  • £500 – painting on canvas – Entry level Artist – portfolio building stage 
  • £600 – £900- small painting on canvas , guest illustrations – Artist with growing wedding portfolio
  • £900 – £1200 – standard painting on canvas or watercolour, wedding illustrations , artist with established portfolio 
  • £1200 + Painting on canvas, wedding illustrations, – Artist with established portfolio and recommendations
  • £2000+ Painting on canvas – oil painting or larger sized painting Artist with established portfolio and niche and recommendations
  • £2000- £5000 + Painting on canvas – oil painting or Grand sized painting , Destination wedding artist. Artist with established portfolio and luxury market niche and recommendations

Do consider that your quote may also include travel expenses to your venue plus an overnight stay if your artist is expected to stay late.

This pricing is a mere guide and it is down to the individual artist to decide what their price margin is for their work according to the service they provide and their level of skill. Art is a luxury item and provides something special to your day. There really is no set upper or lower limit.

From the Celebrant, the photographer, the venue, the food, the florist, the cake, its the details that make planning so much fun! 

Enjoy your day when it comes and do go find a wedding artist! 

You wont regret it!

To enquire about having me as your wedding artist, please visit me at

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