Event portrait illustrations

Watercolour portraits are a lovely memoir for your guests to keep

I am offering a guest portrait package.
I will paint little fun portraits of your guests throughout the night/ day on A4 watercolour paper and they will have a lovely memoir to keep.

Please email me for enquiries and bookings. I am fairly flexible and available for the entire day, ceremony and wedding party , or for the evening only. Let me know what you would like.

Whether it’s a single person, a couple or friends , Each portrait takes about 10 mins . (30-35people painted each event )

4 hours day or evening event

8 hours all day event – guest portraits plus 1x watercolour painting of wedding A3

*I am based in Fife so there are no additional charges for bookings within 2 hours drive of Fife. Bookings further afield will occur a travel charge of £0.45p/mile and may require overnight accommodation fee depending on venue.