Wedding Painting

Photo credit @ Lenasabala

I am available to create a bespoke wedding painting at your event of your chosen scene and there are various size options. Please email for a formal package list. Packages start at £1200

Mini oil paintings

2 paintings 12 x10”
oil on board mounted in a frame
  • You chose 2 scenes and I will create 2 beautiful oil paintings. The smaller size are more discreet paintings to display and a lovely memory to keep for many years . Examples of scenes are Bride & groom , Ceremony / venue , reception dinner, or even the dancing at night. Perhaps people just lounging around .
  • 8 -10 hours of artist time
  • The painting is framed on completion

Standard bespoke oil painting

oil on canvas presented in a floating canvas frame

  • You chose one scene in which I will create one beautiful oil painting. Examples of scenes may be Bride & groom , Ceremony / venue , reception dinner, or even the dancing at night. Perhaps key guests in the setting.
  • 8 -10 hours of artist time
  • 18×24”, 24×36” standard canvas sizes
  • Please ask me for a custom quote

Grand oil painting

  • You chose one scene and I will create one grand sized luxury oil painting. This painting is extra large size and will require completion in my studio post wedding.
100×70cm oil on box canvas
150x100cm oil on box canvas
Maxi hand stretched linen canvas sizes available.
Quote on size consultation
Standard size painting

You will receive a professional art service when you order a live painting. I have almost 10 years experience in the art industry creating bespoke commissions.

All materials are highest grade Artist quality with high lightfastness. This ensures that your art will stand the test of time .

Post wedding studio refinement where required

Aftercare of oil painting guide & certificate of authenticity as standard

The highest quality oil painting painted on professional heavy linen canvas stretched and primed with gesso.

Travelling& accommodation to your venue are excluded.

Your completed painting can be delivered mounted on its frame with free UK delivery.